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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Bacons Photo's

Okay, well even though the pictures turned out Great this was actually a very stressful shoot for me! Well, during the shoot was fine, it was afterwards in the digital dark room where I learned my camera broke, thats when it got stressful! I got about 20 pictures then after that it was just black images...uuhhgg! Thats the beauty of having two photgraphers! Thankfully Bree got awesomse shots and everything was okay! Here are some of my favorites. Thanks to Kari and Rob we had a great time and you have a super fun Family- Thanks Jodie

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bree & Jodie's First Photo Shoot Together

We've been thinking about the name Better Together Photography, I like it because thats exactly what we are. I feel we are both very talented but when you put us together it just takes our photography to the next level. We seem to balance each other out too like what I'm not good at or slow at Bree really picks up the slack (like computer stuff-ick)! This was our first photo session together and I'm very proud of the pictures that developed, especially cause it was a very chaotic situation (lots of kids running around)! I would like to Thank Holly for letting us take her kids pictures. I know its not an easy task to get three kids ready for pictures and then the pressure to have them cooperate! They were Great! (Especially after I told them I would be sending these pictures to SANTA!) HA! Well here are some of my favorite shots from this session- some were Bree's and some mine! Jodie