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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas from Bree & Jodie!

Hello Everyone!

So much is changing for the New Year! Isn't it always like that? All good things must come to an end.. I am so sad to let everyone know that Bree & Jodie Photography will be no more :( Jodie's husband has a wonderful job opportunity with his company and they are moving to Texas! They are leaving today in fact. I am so very sad that they are moving, my whole family is going to miss them like crazy! But we are extremely thankful that God placed them in our lives even if it was only for this short time! If it wasn't for jobs moving you around, we would have never meet them and made such a wonderful FOREVER friendship! So if you come across a Jodie in Texas, she will surely bless your life like she has mine! We are going to miss you guys so much and I pray that God has great things in store for you and that the blessings will be abundant!!!

So what happens to Bree & Jodie Photography? Well..this site will not be updated anymore. I would like to keep it around, because its such a great reminder of friendship and starting our business together! Jodie will come back to visit..(at least she better!!) and at that time, we will be together of course and we can do some shoots while she is here! So let us know if you are interested in that and we can let you know more details :) She will also be blessing others with her amazing talent in Texas so contact her at jodieoluvrATgmailDOTcom for more information on that! I will also be continuing on my own so if you want to contact me my email is buhtaflyATgmailDOTcom.

We want to thank our clients for letting us capture their life! We loved every minute of it! We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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